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Download These Content Samples

Samples are now available for our social media content creation and management service.┬áHere’s how to access them! (Got your own questions for the show? Ask ‘em here!)   Hey folks! Very quick update for you today. One of the questions we get asked most about our...

Digg Digg Pinterest Button Crowding Fix

I love the Digg Digg plugin from the fine folks at Buffer. But it’s had some problems with the Pinterest button overlapping or crowding the other buttons in the floating bar. Pinterest is integral to the strategy on this and my niche sites, so simply removing that button...

Are You Syndicating Identical Social Posts in Your Marketing?

Is it necessary to create and publish unique posts to all of the social networks, or can you syndicate identical posts across them? The answer might surprise you as it goes against what a lot of experts are teaching. (Got your own questions for the show? Ask ‘em here!)...

11 Steps To Work Less

My last post was about WHY you need to work less. Easier said than done, eh? In this follow up, it’s all about HOW to work less. It’s simple. Here goes: Refuse to do work your team could do. Quit fucking around when you’re at the PC; be intentional with your...

Why You Need To Work Less

Pulled any all-nighters lately? The name of the game is hustle, hustle, hustle, right? Sleep is for the weak! It’s not uncommon for forum jockeys and blowhards to brag about this kind of never-say-die work ethic, and it’s not uncommon to think that is the way we all...