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Is Facebook Throttling the Reach of Image Posts?

Have you noticed a drop in the reach of image posts on Facebook? After analyzing over 670,000 Facebook posts over 4,445 Facebook Pages, SocialBakers has found that the darling of Facebook reach – the imageĀ – has lost favour with the newsfeed algorithm and are no...

Social Media Demographics & Targeting Your Market

90% of respondents use Facebook – this means you should have a Facebook Page your posting to and updating regularly in each and every niche you work in. With 90% of the US having a FB account, every business should be marketing on FB too. Click To Tweet Twitter and Google+...

Incredible Free Website Usability Test For Your Business

LOVED this 5 minute website usability test from Peek! PLUS, it’s free. Put in your URL here and a Peek reviewer will do one for you. For free. I know, right? You’ll learn a TON seeing your site through other people’s eyes. This is INCREDIBLY valuable. There are...

Small Business Action Plan for the Twitter-Google “Firehose” Deal

Twitter is promising to give Google a taste of the ol’ “firehose” again (if ya know what I mean…) after years at an impasse. Technically, Google has access to tweets now. But at over 6000 posts per minute, it’s a lot to find and crawl. With Twitter...

The Ultimate Viral Headline “Swipe File”

Wouldn’t it be nice if, with high quality content and products, your actual copywriting didn’t matter? But it does. You can write the most incredible blog post the world has even seen in your market. And can share it to your 10,000 Facebook fans, email your list, hire...